Spa Marvel helps to maintain pH and alkalinity even during the harshest Bakersfield weather, so you’re not constantly testing and adding adjusting products. It is compatible with all hot tubs and traditional spa treatment systems including ozonators, ionizors, ultraviolet, chlorine, bromine, lithium and salt systems.
Spa Marvel Cleanser is a fast-acting proprietary cleanser that penetrates deep inside of your spa’s plumbing and equipment, caustically removing biofilm, organic, mineral and chemical contaminants.

Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner is for cleaning your filters.

  • Prevents scale buildup from occurring, so that you don’t need to use stain and scale control products.
  • Prevents hard-water and scum rings from occurring around the edge of the tub.
  • Eliminates foam in a few hours without the use of defoaming agents.
  • Odorless
  • Has natural skin moisturizing conditioners that soften skin.

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