...I stopped by this business bc I passed by & thought I'd give it a try honestly thinking I wouldn't find what I needed but sure enough, I showed them what pump I needed and they got me it right away. They were super polite & made conversation w me and other customers. I bought the pump (cheaper than what I was going to pay online) & I was going on my way & one of the workers (I didn't get his name, unfortunately) got it from me and walked me and my brothers all the way to my car & put it in for me, this wasn't super heavy to where I couldn't handle it but he had the spare time & went out of his way to assist me & I GREATLY appreciated it. I've worked in customer service my whole life & this small act honestly showed what type of business they run. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone, especially if you're a first-time pool owner & need help finding the products you need, this is the business for you!
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